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get to the hospital! you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> the baby was coming and there wasn't any time to get to the hospital. good evening i'm allen martin. >> cbs 5 reporter sharon chen shows us the baby arrived faster than the morning dart
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train. one day little diari will hear an incredible story from her parents. the story of her birth. >> jasmine's contractions were five minutes apart before 6:00 a.m. he drove them from their pittsburgh home. but her water broke in the front seat. she was like pull my pants down the baby's hanging out. we both were yelling at the same time. >> i was in shock and in pain. i'm going have my baby in the car. >> they pulled up in the mini van right here. >> here in the parking lot in front of tonya maddox. a guy got out of the car screaming she's having the baby. she's having the baby. >> the baby came so fast she missed it. >> i was backwards i was in so much pain. i pushed her out.
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>> jasmine wrapped her third child in a coat from a tackty driver. tonya's husband helped daniel cut the umbilical cord of the special delivery. >> my husband took the shoestring off. >> finally the baby started breathing and we realized this was going to be all right. >> tonight the stay at home mom and the dad give thanks. >> this is a story to tell forever. >> baby diari is healthy and tonight she's spending the night at kaiser permanente and they're expected to go home tomorrow. they are calling her baby freeway. >> that's the funny thing about babies. they want to come when they're ready. >> it's their schedule, right. >> it works that way for the
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rest of their lives. >> i was going to say it does not change. enjoy the dry weather while we have it. a live look at downtown san francisco. a beautiful clear night. cbs 5 chief meteorologist saying get ready for a big super soaker that's coming. >> this will be the last dry night we have for a while. so enjoy this dry on cbs 5 high definition doppler. here's the reason why it will change. we have the pineapple express. a plume of rainfall direct from hawaii that will be aimed squarely at the bay area and northern california. these are the rainfall totals we're expecting. up to eight inches of rainfall for sonoma. the timetable for all this coming up in about 10 minutes. a bay area man under arrest after police tell us he tried to hang his girlfriend from a
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backyard tree it happened many fremont. >> the frantic 911 call came from this cluttered backyard at the end of beatrice street and fremont. she had her hands around her back and noose around her nec. >> he told her he was going to kill her and he was planning to hang her. >> daniel howard got into an argument with his girlfriend last night at some point he bound her hands and strung a noose over a branch. when police officers confronted him in the backyard they say he used her as a shield. and that he had taken up the slack in the rope and was ready to kick out the barrel from underneath her feet. >> howard shoved his girlfriend down an embankment. she suffered only minor
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injuries. >> had the officers not got therein in time what do you think would have happened. >> his brothers who were home at the time of the incident declined an interview but tell us howard was likely high on meth. a mellow monday night at the gym turned into drama. reporting feeling sick. at first emergency crews thought they were exposed to a chemical. but somebody poured too much aromatic oil on the rocks in the steam room. it turns out there was no carbon monoxide leak during a house party last night. that's what everybody thought after 14 people went to the hospital with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. what was it? too much cigarette smoke in the duplex. high level of carbon monoxide
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can show up in blood tests of smokers. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook on this crash and the toll it took on one bay area family. >> reporter: they were driving back from a quick trip in tahoe. but it ended like this. >> maybe one month we don't see each other. so we have a thing for thanksgiving. >> she's the sister of the driver of the toyota prius that crossed the center line of traffic and broadside add mini van. she celebrated the holiday with the sue family just two days earlier. the only survivor was 10-year- old ellie alley sue she was take on the the hospital with moderate injuries. >> i will take care of her.
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my daughter and my sister, everybody help each other like that. >> a little girl in the mini van, four-year-old nora elizabeth temple was also killed in the crash. four others in the van were hurt. chp is still looking into what led to this deadly crash. according to this year's thanksgiving data the number of people that died on local roadways is up from last year 44 compared to 32 of last year. however dui arrests are down. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. the remains of yasser arafat have been exhumed from his grave. testing the remains for radiation poisoning. earlier this year a lethal radioactive substance was discovered on arafat's clothing. test results could take several
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months. palestinians believe he was poisoned by israel. the charge israel denies. we've heard a lot of talk about the fiscal cliff. what does it really mean for you. for a household earning 20 to $40,000 that would mean a tax increase of 1,200-dollars. for a household airporting 40 to 60 it would mean a tax increase of $2,000. 64,000 up to six figures it would be a 3,500-dollar tax increase. it appears the tax deal is being worked out by two people. house speaker john baner and the president. it's expected to be a mix of revenue increases. probably a small tax hike on the wealthiest americans and spending cuts. of course any deal has to pass the republican controlled house. shoppers don't appear to be too worried about the fiscal cliff. this is shaping up to be the
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best cyber monday ever. sales are up 28 percent from last year. cbs reporter anthony mason found out the last few days have been busy. even during dinner time.'s biggest shipping center in phoenix arizona is the size of 28 football fields. last cyber monday it's busyist day of the year, amazon processed 200 orders per second. amazon vice president craig says the company expects business this year will be even better. >> we've hired and are continuing to hire 50,000 seasonal workers to meet customer demand. we need to come up with a new word for busy. we've been on hyper drive. >> online sales jump more than 20 percent on black friday. and thanks giving it was shopping day this year. >> it started early. a retail analyst with ibm that monitors 500 online retailers
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says shopping was heavy throughout thanks giving day especially with i phones and i pads. >> people were driving during thanksgiving dinner time. >> i'm saying the i phone is now the new utensil. does it go on the right or the left of the fork, i don't know. >> anthony mason, cbs news new york. >> he makes six figures an episode but one tv star is on a tirade. >> please stop filling your head with filth. >> the life changing move that caused him to bash his own show. >> they're going have to pry me out of here. >> imagine your boss paying to clean your house. the unbelievable perk some bay area companies are offering to keep good employees happy. some of the best child athletes in the country. the bay area kids that now have a chance at the ultimate prize. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, p train.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [train whistle blows] wishing you happy holidays. think it would be pretty hao come up with . >> if you earned $300,000 for television episode, you'd think it'd be pretty hard to come up with complaints but don't tell that to the youngest star of two and a half men. >> if you watch two and a half men. please stop watching two and a half men. i'm on two and a half men and i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. do some research on the effects of television and your brain and i promise you, you'll have a decision to make when it comes to the television and especially with what you watch. >> angus jones who plays jake harper on the cbs sitcom made the comments to a christian website reporter. he says the show conflicts with
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his religious views. this follows of course the very public melt down of charlie sheen from the same show. warner brothers which produces the show is not commenting. >> the number of murders so far in oakland this year is 115 and that's more than all of the killings committed last year. four people were gunned down this weekend including two women. a third woman was shot and killed in another incident. and there is another story coming out of oakland tonight. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers shows us for a group of kids it's one win after another and they are on their way to the championships. >> reporter: the snap, the tackle, the whistle. take a close look. these kids playing pop warner on a soccer field in west oakland are some of the best child football players in the country. >> good job maalik. >> we only got scored on one time this whole year. >> when it gets to game time we're ready and focused. >> this is where the road meets
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the road they're saying. >> vice president kenneth smith isn't just a proud coach talking up his team. the east bay warriors have beat out the best to go to the national championship in florida three times and this year they did it undefeated. >> these kids are the cream of the crop. there are 1200 teams in each division and only 24 teams make it to national. >> it takes hard work. and you have to have pride in yourself. and you have to have discipline. >> discipline that extends off the field. most these players have grade point averages above 3.5. >> not only are they athletic, they're smart. >> they're being cheered on by a squad that's also going national. they placed first in regional this is year. >> team work. i'm confident because i think my team has what it takes to win first. >> the kind of determination that their coaches know won't
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end with pop warner. >> everything my coaches taught me shows me what the do and believe in me and it's going to follow me wherever i go. a hoax on facebook is playing on people's desire for privacy. a message is being past around urging others to copy and paste that posting or else facebook will use their content for commercial use without permission. the problem is, it's false. you know when the dot com bubble burst, catered lunches and free beer fridays went the way of ipos. well now, there's a start up that's even paying to clean employee's houses twice a month and other companies might want to take note. >> reporter: lunch is served in redwood city. and talk about serving up company loyalty. >> do you see yourself staying here for a while.
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>> absolutely. they're going to have to pry me out of here. >> he's engaged to be married but it might seem more like he's on a honey moon with his new employer. >> there's a shuttle bus. breakfast on the shuttle. wifi on the shuttle. when i get to work there's a lunch the gym they pay my phone bill. >> and his company will pay him to take a vacation. two months ago he started working for the redwood city start up ever note an app that keeps you organized. he launched ever note five years ago and sees freebies as things that make employees more productive. you're here because you want to work so anything we can do to knock out obstacles to make you be able to be more productive. >> is more productive a modern day translation of i owe my soul to the company store. >> do you feel like you're
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working more because of that. >> yeah. a little bit more. >> but that's okay. >> yeah, i enjoy it. i love my work. i don't feel that tired to put in that energy. >> it's her job to come up with these benefits. >> i'm special projects manager. and others have joked that it's i'm the happiness coordinator at ever note. i'm working to develop the corporate culture here and make it a very enjoyable wonderful place to work. >> one of the first things she did was start a program to reimburse employees their lease expenses for electric cars and since last fall 20 percent of ever note employee, 34 of them are taking part. >> they want to retain their people because it's people that are innovating. >> an hr consulting professors. she says employees respond to the perks but can become loyal
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to a company's culture. >> they are being very, very focused on i want to work in an organization that thinks like i do. that has smart people. that people that can inspire me. that i can learn from them. that they share my values. >> one thing ever note doesn't have, did you notice, no telephones on employee desks. to talk to a coworker the company wants you to actually get up walk over and speak to them face to face. we are just learning of this breaking news story a car chase just ended on treasure island. it started in san francisco in the financial district and it ended up on the bay bridge on treasure island. police tell us shots were fired we don't know if by police or by the driver of this car. right now, the driver, as you can see, is standing outside the car and he apparently has a gun held to his head. there are at least nine officers there. these are not live pictures.
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this is video. it's video taken just moments ago. of course we are not going to show anything live in case something happens. police have called for a negotiator. again, this is a story just breaking coming out of san francisco. it's the exit ramp on to treasure island. a car chase has ended there. officers are trying to talk that man out of that situation. we are keeping an eye on the story. and we will let you know as it continues. all right paul's keeping an eye on the sky because things are going to change in the next couple days. >> significant changes are coming. this morning was very foggy around the bay. i expect a repeat of that fog once again tomorrow morning. with your low in san francisco. further east, concord, 41, livermore 40, san jose down to 44 degrees tonight. dry for now. tomorrow night rain will build off to the west.
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we're looking at several straight days of rainfall. flood watch is issued for the sierra foothills and sacramento valley. they be issued for the north bay as soon as tomorrow. significant changes coming. large area of low pressure off to the north. that will tap into tropical moisture all the way down by hawaii. this low pressure area will act like a wall. this moisture is going to hit the wall. and get shoved to the east. it's going to hit an area that's going to get rainfall. right now it looks like the that will be northern california and the bay area. we will be the bulls eye for a lot of tropical moisture. we're dry through tomorrow evening. the first wave moves through wednesday. it will be wet and windy. a break on thursday. then friday, saturday, sunday, perhaps monday, three or four days of heavy rainfall. so it's later this week but it's coming.
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mid 60s tomorrow. san francisco 62. san jose 64. concord 63 and livermore 65 degrees. extended forecast. here comes the rain. on wednesday rain likely all the way through the weekend. and the potential for some flooding as we do head through saturday and sunday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man is holding oks like a gun to his h h . >> more now on the breaking news story on treasure island. a man is holding what looks to be a gun to his head after a high speed chase. these are not live pictures. it's video. it was fed into the station a few minutes ago. we are purposely not bringing this to you live. police have called for a negotiator. they've asked for the coast guard to send a patrol boat to that area just as a back up. just in case. this all started about 20 minutes ago with a police chase that began in the financial district of san francisco and as i say ended on treasure island. we'll continue to monitor it and bring you updates. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some girls wish to grow up to be a princess. other girls wish to simply grow up. mae and bailey are friends battling kidney cancer at st. jude children's research hospital. we developed a treatment for their cancer that's helping kids like them across america. you know what i wish for? what's that honey? my hair back. and no more cancer.
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well, girls, st. jude is working on that. go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo. both winners, but only one n start...see if "you" can fie . >> jim harbaugh has a problem but it's a good one. two quarters backs. both winners. but only one can start. see if you can figure it out. >> alex smith is our starting
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quarter back. he has not done anything to lose that job. also kyle kaepernick you can't categorize him as a back up quarter back because he started games and played well in those games i think the thing that's best for us. we have two good guys. >> thank you for the clarification one thing we're sure about wide receiver kyle williams is out for the season. williams tweeted that news earlier today. even without andrew luck shaw led them. san jose state with a huge test. number ten, kansas. the spartans rally james kenny the three and the j hawks. seven points with 240 to go. but a triple double. the 12th block of the game. leads to the fast break. and the j hawks win.
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the monday night top five. somebody asked what happened to fau. the former war won it with that basket against chicago. number four i'm not going call this the lambeau leap. how about the philadelphia flop. number three photo finish in golden gate field. mowcolorado fired head coach john ohm by after winning four games in two years. he was very emotional in the press conference. >> i don't care what they say. and as i told you guys when we're going through tough times, you're not judged by the score board at the end of the day. i was but you won't be. don't let someone else define you by what they think is right. >> yeah you're judged by wins wasn't enough.
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we'll be right back. ,,,,,, hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back.
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and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen.
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ng what looks li . >> all right we are keeping an eye on an armed police stand off on treasure island. the man was either a hoodie on a towel on his head.
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he's holding a gun to his head. this is video. this is not live. this is video taken moments ago. right now the suspect is just walking around. there are police all in the area. this all started about 25 minute ace go with a police chase from san francisco's financial district ending up on treasure island. police have called for a negotiator. it's a tense stand off right now. you can stay posted to our website for the latest on this. we'll have information about it in the morning. >> all right david letterman coming up. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight...

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